Looks like rapper Kanye West  just can’t get away from the negative criticism.  Anti-fur group PETA has slammed down on the Yeezuz star following his expensive fur coat he wore to the Givenchy Show during the Paris Fashion Week.

Here is what they said to Kanye:

"Kanye has only to lie down, and he’d be mistaken for road kill in all that skin and fur. This isn’t a style that the public has embraced since the caveperson era. Kanye may be admired for his music, but he and his fiancée are vulgar dressers and callous when it comes to the suffering of living beings other than themselves."

"Youngsters naturally identify and empathize with animals – so even though Kim and Kanye will undoubtedly serve as poor examples when it comes to kindness toward animals, perhaps their child will take after aunt Khloe and choose kindness by rejecting fur."

At this point, do you think Kanye is going to hit back at his haters over at PETA for his fur coat wearing ways?!