The wife of Danfo bus driver,

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Gbemisola who lamented her husband's condition, said he has not been able to eat any food or drink any liquid since the incident happened, adding that he had been vomiting any food he ate despite the treatment he received at a medical facility immediately the soldier released him.

Apart from his inability to eat, Gbemisola added that her husband cannot sleep at night as his condition gets worse by the day.

“My husband could neither eat nor sleep. He kept groaning in pains. The only thing he took today was tea, which he also vomited some minutes later.

His health is fast deteriorating; the N15, 000 we paid at the hospital he was taken to for treatment has not achieved anything.

He was given drips and some injections, but there has been no improvement. He is complaining of pains. We are contemplating on taking him to the hospital again for an X-ray, but we don’t have the money to pay for that.

All the money we had at home was the N15, 000 we paid for treatment at the hospital on Wednesday,” the sorrowful woman said.