A philandering husband based in the Mushin area of Lagos State, will be blaming the devil that pushed him into sleeping with his wife's friend after the wife caught them in the act and managed to bite off a large chunk of his penis.

According the Leadership Newspaper, the angry woman identified as Mama Bose, could not stomach the fact that her husband could take his randiness to her good friend whom she introduced into fish selling and they shared the same stall at the Oshodi market.

It was gathered that on the fateful day, while the two women were at the market, the 'husband snatcher', Mama Sunday, received a call at about 10 am and asked Mama Bose to look after her fish as she had an emergency situation to take care of at home.

Little did Mama Bose know that her friend was going for a sex tryst with her husband till she had to go back home to pick some more supply.

It was when she got to their residence that Mama Bose was tipped off on what was going on in their apartment.

An eye witness narrated that neighbours who knew what transpired, gave Mama Bose the signal that her husband was 'flexing' his muscles on her friend as she entered the compound.

The witness said that Mama Bose had tip-toed to the door of her apartment and tried to open the door but it was locked from the inside, so she used her keys to open the door and met the shock of her life: her husband was on top of her friend.

The witness narrated further:

“The husband tried to beg her not to raise the alarm but she was so enraged to be placated. Instead, she looked for an object to smash on their heads.

Papa Bose held his wife’s hands and told her rival to wear her clothes and escape. Mama Bose bit him in the hand but the woman managed to escape in her wrapper and blouse, leaving her undies behind.

The woman said if not for the two children she has for her husband, she would have chopped off his genitals and possibly chew his testicles having proven himself to be irresponsible.

She used a long stick to bring out Mama Sunday’s undies and screamed to attract residents to come and see. She vowed to destroy Mama Sunday’s marriage as she did hers.

She also reportedly took the fight to her residence at Makinde area at Oshodi, where she reported the matter.

Mama Bose packed some of her belongings and left their apartment while the playboy had gone to treat himself at an hospital.

Before she would arrive Oshodi market she said Mama Sunday had escaped with her fish.”