So much was his belief and confidence that we all believed that it would be a matter of time before Nigeria carted home the biggest trophy in the music world.

He even had a line in one of his songs, saying that people should not doubt his ability to bring home the award.

Next to boast of getting a Grammy was EME Records starlet, Skales. For him, he was on his way to the Grammys and would grab one soon. We believed him and looked forward to his getting there.

But years after these promises, not only have we not seen the awards; the GrammyAwards selection panel has always contrived to overlook the duo every other year.

Only though he too has failed to grab one.

Now, another GrammyAward is bearing down on us; 9ice is yet to present our Grammy to us while Skales is still on his way.

Guys, Nigerians are asking: where are the Grammy awards you promised?

We are still waiting though!