Africa Magic’s

Directed by Filmboy Yemi  Morafa, the episode aired on Friday, September 15, 2017.

A Live screening was held for the show with the cast, crew and fans in attendance.

“It’s so exciting to see Nigerians this excited about a Nigerian show,” the lady seated next to me said to her friend.

Their fandom wasn't forced. It was evident in the way they shrieked with delight whenever they came across a cast. They even had placards in support of their favourite character - Team General, Team Tenka and so on.

The Milestone episode sees Kolade, who had promised to take charge in the 99th episode, lose his position as the CEO of BBP. He resumes work at BBP, ready to humiliate Danlami and nominate Alhaji Tanko Ali as a member of the board.

Unfortunately for Kolade, Danlami, thanks to his wife Hadiza, has something up his sleeves. He reveals to members of the board that Kolade is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and has been meeting in secret with a rival company; therefore, he cannot continue to run the company.

Kolade nominates Teniola Bhadmus as the next CEO of the company, while another member of the board nominates Danlami. They all get to vote and the latter emerges the winner.

“You have all made a grievous mistake,” Kolade says with an ominous tone as he leaves the meeting.

Meanwhile, somewhere on a boat, Ola is in a meeting with the General -- a decision some may consider careless --  where he tells him that he is resigning as his lawyer. He is then asked by the General to choose himself or his mother and sister as his hostage(s).

After several attempts to reach Ola, Ayo and Cissy decide to leave for the airport without him. However, the cab driver doesn’t take them to the airport. Instead, he takes them to the Bhadmus mansion where they receive a silent reception at the doorstep from Adaora,Mayowa and Mama Egba.

Yes, Mama Egba is back. We don’t get to hear her say a word, but yes, she is back, perhaps to assist Chief in managing his wives who will now be living under the same roof.

Now, to the scene that had the audience at the event cheering - Teni goes to see Emeka after she finds out that Mayowa had ordered the security men to block Emeka from entering the mansion.

“Teni, just go home,” said an angry Emeka, who had spent the day trying to reach her and being rough-handled by a guard at the Badmus Mansion gate.

He had gone over to confront her and perhaps find closure after watching the announcement of her upcoming marriage to Michael on the television.

“Emeka, I love you,” she replies. And then she sees the Tattoo, which every team #Tenka would agree is the most romantic thing on Nigerian TV.

What follows this discovery is an intense sexual moment that further immerses viewers into the Teni and Emeka story.

To make this anticipated moment more dramatic, it is cinematically tied to another event; the return of Michael from the mental home to his apartment. All these happen with a stirring soundtrack in the background.

Alas, It is officially a love triangle!

The episode lets down the curtains at the boat scene of Ola and the General. "Can you swim?" The General asks him before his thug pushes Ola into the water, gifting the viewers the greatest cliffhanger on the show so far.

That said, I enjoyed watching the episode with the fans, witnessing their excitement and having conversations about a common interest. The reaction of the viewers is proof that our television culture is coming back to life and in a way that is worth reckoning with.

The bad thing about the “Battleground” 100th episode is that we have to wait a weekend to figure out the outcome of that cliffhanger.