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Seun Egbegbe has been on a revenge mission ever since the Yoruba movie actress dumped him. In his latest interview Seun Egbegbe reportedly makes distasteful claims about Toyin Aimakhu when he was dating her.

A gossip site called Nigeria Cameraclaims to have heard the movie producer talk to his friends about Toyin Aimakhu. “I use to eat that small girl before she ever dreamt of acting, I introduced her to my friend that was how she found fame” he allegedly boasted.

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He reportedly further went on to say that he was the first man she knew sexually. “To be honest with you, I deflowered her long before she met that toy boy, mark my words,she will never settle because there is nothing you give her that will satisfy her.”

Seun Egbegbe did not stop there according to Nigeria Camera. He also said “I used yoyo bitter and every bitter herbs on the market but my performance never satisfy her. What else does she want from me. I have my life to live please let her go forever.”

If everything said was true then it is time for Seun Egbegbe to be gagged. How long will he continue to bash a woman who he was once dating?

Prior to this story Seun Egbegbe has been on a Toyin Aimakhu smear campaign. In an interview with Encomium’s website Seun Egbegbe warned Yoruba movie producers to stop working with Aimakhu.

“I am also using this medium to warn all movie producers to stay away from her. Anybody that deals with her, the person is on his or her own. And I will act appropriately” threatened the movie producer.

In another interview with Best of Nollywood he said “I am shocked Toyin behaved this way, when we started dating, I had 2 cars a Range Rover and Honda Crosstour which was stolen. I gave Toyin the Range Rover while I took cabs around town spending an average of N10k daily and I gave her the best to make her happy and I don’t know why she will repay my love, kindness and all with all this defamation of character and destruction of my name.”

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Sigh...Seun Egbegbe is not even joking with his desire to hit back at Toyin Aimakhu. Yes the way in which she dumped him might have not been ideal but Seun Egbegbe can go about things in a more mature manner.

He should be called to order. Isn’t there an association of Yoruba movie producers? Whatever body that is out there should call him to order and possibly gag him from making any more public statements about Toyin Aimakhu.

Mature people know when to let things that aren't for them go. Seun Egbegbe is acting immature right now.