Lovers and fans woke up to the news that rapper, Sauce Kid has been released from jail after serving two years behind the bars.

The rapper at one time was seen as a force to reckon with in the music industry in Nigeria, which was later followed by a dwindling career and controversies. Here are a few things you need to know about the rapper.

1. Early Life

Babalola Falemi popularly known as Sauce Kid grew up in Nigeria where he had his primary and secondary school education. He then moved out of the country after his secondary school education to the United States.

2.Rise to stardom

Sauce Kid first came into the limelight in 2005 with his first single 'Omoge' featuring the veteran music icon, Mike Okri. This was the beginning of stardom for the rapper as the song was widely accepted and loved by all.

3.The making of a superstar

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From the release of the single 'Omoge,' Sauce Kid went on to become a household name in the music industry as he was seen as an emerging force to reckon with. He blew the radio waves with his songs. Then came the single 'Yebariba' which till date is seen as one of the most amazing songs created in Nigeria. It was more like an anthem to fans and lovers of the Nigerian style of rap.

4.Arrest and Jail sentence

In 2016, the gist began to spread that Sinzu had been arrested for grand theft and other related offenses. The rapper was accused of stealing bank card numbers and identifying information of their owners. He allegedly stole $15,388 from the unsuspecting victims.

5. Release from jail

Just like every fan, the news about came as a big relief. A video of the rapper surfaced online  of the rapper, clad in a black T-shirt, durag, and a red pant was seen being welcomed home which was captioned "My bro is back!! SINZU."