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A reporter for TMZ spoke with the elderly man on Tuesday, September 6, outside of a club in Los Angeles, asking about his opinion on the alleged budding romance.

Graham seems to be completely oblivious to all the romanticised hints the pair have been dropping in the last month. He emphasised that the pair were merely friends.

"They're friends, They've been friends for years."

Graham's reply to another reporter on speculations that his son had settled down, only buttressed the point:

"I don't know about settling down. No. They're friends."

Responding to the evidence of the said romance, the billboard, the matching tattoos, Dennis responded simply, "Everybody's professing love.

"There's no relationship, They're friends."

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This news might be heartbreaking for all Riri fans who have been rooting for the pair, and we do hope that Graham has been sworn to secrecy after all.

Rihanna and Drake has been reportedly dated off and on over the last six years and have been closer than in the last few months, convincing everyone of an official relationship between themselves.