Universities in Nigeria have been urged to help Nigeria devise strategies to deal with the problem of insecurity bedevilling the nation.

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu

Ekweremadu said insecurity has led to the loss of regard for human lives.

"Here in Nigeria today, people are being killed and we no more have regard for human life.

"I think the time for restoration of the dignity of man is now.

"There is no time in the history of Nigeria that the need to restore the dignity of man is much more than now," Ekweremadu said.

He called on the nation's universities to help tackle the problem.

"I would like to call on this university, and indeed, all other universities, to think out the best ways to deal with our challenges, especially challenges that border on insecurity," he said.

gathered that Senator Ekweremadu, Dr. Valerie-Janette Azinge, Mr. Ojunekwu Augustine Avuru, Dr. Musa Babayo and Prof. P.N. Okeke were honored at the occasion with the conferment of professors emeritus.