Do you want to build a career  in a certain field but hate Mathematics? Dont stress, there are other career paths you can take without necessarily having anything to do with Mathematics.

Although many jobs require graduates and job applicants to have Mathematics skills, this does not mean there are no other high-paying jobs out there for people like you who do not find Mathematics appealing.

Check out the five careers that do not require you to have Mathematics skills.

1. Acting

Actors and actresses spend their careers playing different roles as characters on stage, in films or on Television. Their jobs do not necessarily require them to have a university degree or have any skill in Mathematics.

2. Law

Lawyers do not have to be experts in Mathematics. They don't need to be good at Quadratic Equation or have a grasp of the Almighty Formula. However, every lawyer is expected to have a sound understanding of the English Language.

3. Writing

Writers and Authors are creators of written works such as books and plays. As creative people, they don't need to have or use maths skills to express their ideas.

4. Fine Art

Fine artists thrive on their talents, not on any degree or mathematics skill.  They build their career basically on their ability to create visual artworks. However, a degree in Art can be an asset to whoever wants to have a career in Fine Art.

5. Media and Communication

Mathematics is not a big part of the professionals in the media and communication feld. Instead, their work only requires strong writing and language skills.