Spiritual director of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, says it is a taboo for a women to be at the forefront of politics in any country.

In his opinion, Maharaj Ji explained that there is bound to be confusion and ineffective policy making whenever females occupy top political leadership roles.

He said there were smaller political roles meant for women in power.

Maharaj ji who spoke to Tribune during a visit on Tuesday, noted that females could vie for other positions or be head of certain organisations.

“Women must not lead. If a woman is a governor, what do you address her, ‘first man’, or ‘first lady man’. It is there in the Bible and Qu’ran. Even the Bible said, women must not lead in the church. They are to play secondary roles. Look at , Coordinating Minister of the Economy, look at the policies being made.”

“In Liberia, there is confusion because a woman is the president. What do you expect? They may vie for other positions but governorship and presidency is a no-go area for women.”