Today, I came across a powerful picture that has been circulating the Internet, gathering likes and shares across on social network platforms.

In the photograph, taken by CNN, we see an amazing interfaith moment where Nidal Aboud (a Christian) stands out amongst many Muslims.

While others around him bowed, he made the sign of the cross and read the Bible as they chanted their prayers.

As they said "Allahu Akbar", which means 'God is greatest', he stood respectfully beside them.

He stood out because he was the only Christian among a crowd of Muslims saying Friday prayers in Wadi el-Joz, outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Another reason why this has gained so much attention is because it happened after a recent attack by three Arab citizens.

This attack has caused heightened religious tensions, leading to the installation of security cameras. This has only triggered widespread demonstrations and violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

At first, I just saw the picture as an amazing sign of interfaith tolerance, but when I read his interview, I realised just how special Aboud is.

In an interview with CNN, the 24-year-old Palestinian shared his dream to spread love and do away with hate.

He also encouraged all Christians to unite with Muslims against the negativity.

In his words, "I had a dream since I was a child. I wanted to spread the world with love. I wanted to be the one who plants love in people's hearts.

"I asked my Muslim friends for their permission to pray between them. They were asking me to stand beside them."

"My motivation was to stand in solidarity with my Muslim brothers and in solidarity with our Palestinian issue against the (Israeli) occupation and its policies against our holy sites, whether it's the mosque or the church.

"I see it as a sign from God that my dream came true to be the ambassador of goodwill between religions."

Reading this, all I have to say is that we need more people like Aboud. Why? Because not all Muslims are terrorists and not all Christians are good people.

We need to recognise this simple fact and work together towards religious tolerance.

I look forward to a world where Christians coexist peacefully with Muslims.