Pope Francis makes history by giving not one but three

According to the Vatican, who announced the news on April 21, 2018, these ladies are part of the new five Consultors of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

Dr. Linda Ghisoni , Sub-Secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life, Professor Michelina Tenace of theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and Professor Laetitia Calmeyn , Lecturer of theology at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris are now part of the body that defends Catholic doctrines.

These remarkable appointments mark the first time that any woman has ever been appointed to the CDF.

Italian Fr. Sergio Paolo Bonanni, who teaches theology at the Gregorian University; andSpanish Claretian Fr. Manuel Arroba Conde are the other newly appointed consultors for the doctrinal congregation.

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Between Pope Francis and women in the Catholic church

While this new appointment is definitely worth calling a historic move, this is not the first time the Holy Father has put women in positions formerly reserved for men.

The Christian Post reports that he put two lay women in the Congregation for Divine Worship in January 2017.

Reacting to this unique appointment, a U.K. Catholic publication called the Tablet wrote, “Francis has also established a commission to examine female deacons and has named women to senior roles inside the Vatican, including at the department for laity, family, and life.”

Despite his willingness to have more women in the Vatican, Pope Francis has clearly stated that there will be no female priests in the Roman Catholic church!