There have been different predictions from several pastors in Nigeria concerning the nation's future during and after the upcoming February elections, some good while others entirely frightening.

Josiah Chukwuma Onuoha of Christ Foundation Miracle International Chapel, Lagos has given his own round of prophesies concerning the general elections and what will happen afterwards.

Prophet Onuoha told The Sun, that Nigerians may have to start saving for rainy days as the level of violence which has been revealed to him by God may be worse compared to that of June 12, 1993.

He added that the country's leaders should seek God's face before election begins as there would be consequences for not heeding to the voice of God.

Read excerpts from the interview:

You are known for always speaking out fearlessly on the state of the Nigerian nation in the past. As the general elections draw closer, how do you see Nigeria during and after the elections?

I have been praying because we do not have any other country than the one God has graciously given us. And God has been revealing so many things to me.But the problem is that I do not know why our president has refused to seek God. I have been shouting and urging him to seek God. Even in my last interview with The Sun and other newspapers, but unfortunately, he seems to have turned deaf ears.

Does that have any implication on the president or the country?

Are you not witnessing all that is happening? I am not out to cause panic but I see a time when this country will be too big for him to control; and I see a strange government in the offing as a result of his inability to manage the crisis. That is what the Lord has shown me. I also saw dozens of alien helpers, secretly infiltrating the country at the instance of his opponents and some of the president’s confidants are involved in the deal. And the Lord says that they are Arabs commissioned to target especially Abuja and Lagos. What I’m saying is that from what I saw, it is only God that can save Nigeria because most of those aliens are already in the country, with most of their weapons already safely in the country. There are liars, deceivers and many selfish people around the president, who shield him from the reality of the time; and there are many occult people, some in prophetic garment, who are deceiving him and giving him hope that nothing will happen. They refuse to tell him that the grace of God, which was all over him when he assumed office, has departed from him. He should seek God fast for help and to refill him with His grace and give him another chance.

Are you saying that except the president seeks the face of God, according to your dictates, he will not win the 2015 election?

That is not the point. It must not be me. There are many known genuine men of God in this country. All that is required is seeking God sincerely with repentant heart and atonement. Let him depart from occult men in prophetic garments. He knows what I’m talking about. Let me tell you: many great kings and rulers in the Bible disguised themselves at difficult times, left their throne and went to seek for help. That is how you know a good king. You don’t guard the throne by clinging to it and believing that all is well.  He should leave the throne and look for faithful and sincere men of God, who will help him to purge the blood of the innocent Nigerians that have been wasted on our land. Their blood is crying and unless they are purged and atoned, no president will perform well in Nigeria. If nothing is done, Jonathan may eventually win, though but winning the election is not the issue. The issue is remaining on the seat. If you win by the grace, you victory will be protected by the grace. But if you win by human power, anything can happen. As things stand now spiritually, Jonathan can’t win the presidential election honestly. He can only win by human power and not God’s power. And when he wins, he will as well fall via human power because most of the people around him are moles and pretenders planted by his enemies. But I say it again: let the President seek God. Let him do that fast otherwise, there will be great regrets. The only way out is God.

It was rumoured that you urged the president not to step aside at the death of his former boss, President Yar’Adua. If that is true, what is your impression bout his government now?

I will not deny that because in the heat of the tension that followed President Yar’Adua’s deah, they called me from the State House and informed me that President Jonathan wanted to resign. But after consulting God over it, I saw that God had ordained him to become the best Nigerian president ever. The grace of God was greatly upon him then and he had people’s goodwill too. I did not speak to him directly at that time but informed his aids that the Lord had revealed that he would be invited to a high-powered stakeholders meeting where they may try to compel Jonathan to commit himself; and that God had warned that he should not make any promise he would not be able to fulfill otherwise, he would cause monumental problem for himself. But he went there and forgot the divine warning. The effect of that meeting is the root of what the president and Nigeria are suffering today. I will not state the details but like I said, he was influenced to do the will of man and jettison the will of God. And the effect is now like a scare that will remain with him forever.

A number of recent prophecies predicted victory for him at the polls. Do you have any negative views?

I do not care about the fortune-tellers, who deceive him that he is coasting home to victory and I will not comment on the Prophecies you are referring to. But my advice to Nigerians, especially those living in Lagos and Abuja, is that they should start making savings, while stepping up intercessory prayers for God’s intervention. I once told the president, in an interview with The Sun, that God had destined him to become the best president of Nigeria. And I warned him to beware because some elements had sworn to make him the worst Nigerian president. He forgot all that and allowed them to lure him into what he had sworn never to join. He got involved and the grace departed him. The President should leave occult people and evil deceivers and run back to God before it is too late. God can still give him one more chance. All the grace and favour he had from God have departed him and that is why many people are disappointed and speaking against him. He should not think that all those speaking against him are agents of the opposition.

You said that Jonathan cannot win the next presidential election by God’s power. Are you implying that General Buhari will win the election?

The thing is that Buhari’s case will even be worse. Buhari has no grace to rule this country again. He is being pushed into it by selfish, diabolic elements. Let him go and seek God the way true Moslems do. I’m sure that some Alfa have advised him against his current ambition. So, if a man with grace can be destabilised in a reckless manner, what will happen to the one without any grace? But the issue is not even about who will win the election but about who will free Nigeria from the wrath of God. Many innocent people have been carelessly killed and their blood is crying. I have cried out over this issue many times and nothing was done about, rather, more are still being killed. Human blood is not water but spirit and life. Any land that is filled with wasted blood never knows peace. Let our leaders tell themselves the truth. Jonathan started as a God-fearing man but he later left God along the line. He knows when that happened and he knows the agreement he had with God. He must go back to that divine agreement without fear of any man. When I look at all the candidates and their sponsors, I laugh because they are ignorant of what is happening in the spirit. But I warn them to beware. If they are not careful their money will go down the drain. They should all seek God otherwise, what is going to happen will shock many of them. I saw a multitude of souls crying and wailing. And I heard them chorusing something like, ‘They shall know no peace’. So, unless the needful is done first, no President will be able to fight corruption – Jonathan, Buhari or whoever – because Nigeria’s problem requires divine solution and not human efforts.

You earlier spoke about alien help. What is it about?

Their name was written in Arabic but I will not disclose what I was given as its interpretation. But they are specially trained to strike once obvious signs emerge that a particular candidate will lose the presidential election. It will start like small crisis at a polling booth and escalate into bomb explosions soon-after. Like I said earlier, there are many things God revealed to me which I do not want to reveal for two reasons – to avoid sounding partisan and to avoid causing panic. But the truth is that there are so many things that are not being done well. Some powerful clicks have sworn to ensure that Jonathan does not continue. But they do not know that Buhari’s case will be worse if he wins.

Even with a senior pastor as Buhari’s running mate, he can’t garner enough grace?

Did the pastor seek God or was he just drafted by selfish elements to run? Was it God that asked him to run for the Vice Presidency? Did God ask him to deputize somebody? Is it his call? Those are pertinent questions yearning for answers. A man of God hears from God and obeys God’s instructions, not human dictates. Men of God are meant to correct errors and not to make errors. That’s all I can say. And you should note that title or name is meaningless in the presence of God. What matters is the relationship between you and God.

What is the way out after all?

They should shelve the election and seek the face of God first. Let the land be cleansed before the election.

But that will run against the constitution…?

Man makes law and man changes law. He is the president. No matter what the laws say, a good leader should go extra mile to bring peace to the land. All is needed is to bring all leaders to the table of discussion. Otherwise, what if they insist on following the constitution and at the end of the day, they all fail to make it? They have food but lack the fire to cook. Let them look for fire. My advice to politicians and their sponsors is that they should seek God before investing their money in politics. As things stand now, it is 40 per cent success and 60 per cent failure. And if the president and politicians insist on carrying on the way things are, then Nigerians should start saving seriously for the rainy day because June 12 (1992) may be more pleasant to what I have been shown. During June 12, we did not hire foreign fighters. But as we speak, hired alien men are already on ground to target especially Lagos and Abuja; with Kano airport as their entry point.