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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Grace finds a new boyfriend in the market

After arriving back to Abuja, things have not gone back to normal with regular bedmates. Two weeks in, no one to sleep with yet, the situation is about to change

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“Make sure say you no forget anything o”

Grace’s madam said handing her the list of things to buy from the market, it’s been two week since she came back from the village after her mother felt better, she has not gotten any dick since she got back, as if that didn’t make her cranky enough her madam keeps yapping orders.

She went through the list and counted the money to make sure before keeping it in her purse, she headed out and trekked till she got a tricycle that was going to Garki market, as soon as she got there he started to go round to buy the things on her madam’s list.

She priced and bought things from one shop to another, she was passing a series of shop when someone ran into her spilling the drink they were holding on her

“Abeg no vex” He started

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“Ohh wetin I go do now, see my shirt eh” She snapped at him

“No vex, come my shop I dey sell cloth make I give you one make you take change am” He said looking genuinely sorry.

She followed him back to his shop without the obvious stain on her cloth, she smelled the liquid; it was a local herbal tea and it didn’t smell so good, she had to resist the urge to hiss.

When they arrived,  she saw some clothes hanging outside, he opened the shop and they got in, he quickly dug out a black shirt and handed it to her, she dropped what she was holding and tried to take off her top, it occurred to her that the awful smelling tea would smear on her face and hair so she asked him to help her removed the top carefully.

She lifted her hands up and he helped her to peel off the top, when she bent down to pick up her new top she saw he had a bulge, she looked up and caught him staring at her boobs.

It must be her being sex starved but she reached out and touch his bulge, he looked at her looking surprised and she smiled at him, she gently mssaged his bulge from his trouser and she heard him moan softly

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“Wait, I dey come” he said stopping her

He dashed out and soon he was back closing the shop behind him, he came to her and kissed her deeply, his kisses were rushed and she had to catch up, they pulled off their clothes as they kissed and she loved the look on his face when he saw her boobs, he bent down and cupped them, he brought his mouth to her nipples and sucked with his eyes closed, he kept sucking till she had enough and she started to stroke his dick.

It was not very thick but it was long, he bent down and pulled a condom out of his trouser, he hurriedly put it on, he turned her around he made her bend at the waist leaning on one of the lower shelf where he puts trousers, she parted her legs and he guided his dick doggy style into her wet and hungry pussy, he grabbed her boobs and started to move slowly

“Ahhhhh” He moaned as he moved in and out of her wet sweet pussy slowly

His movement felt good but she needed a hard  fuck so started to pushing her ass into him urging him to move faster, he got he message and started moving in and out a bit faster picking up pace, she moved matching his thrust, she brought her hand down and rubbed her clit as he fucked her hard from behind.

She leaned down on the trouser almost lying down on them, he lifted on her leg and rested it on a lower shelf, he went in deeper making her purr in pleasure, he grabbed her waist and pounded into her

“Ah yes yes yes” She moaned

She rubbed her clit faster and faster building up, he was moaning loudly and she knew he was close, she rubbed her clit faster pushing her ass further into him.

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He pushed deeper into her his dick pulsating as he came into the rubber that did it for as she came hard dripping pussy juice, they untangled from each other and she sat on the floor to catch her breath.

They both dressed up not talking and when she made to leave he gave her a polythene bag full with clothes, she smiled at him and headed out.

On her way home she stopped by a mallam shop close to her house and handed him the bag full of clothes

“Abeg help me keep am” she said

“Grace! Grace!!” he said with a sheepish smile

She went home thinking about what happened at the market looking forward to when next her madam would send her to the market.