To begin a relationship at all, partners need to have, at least, some form of symmetry, a meeting point of core values and mindset.

This much cannot be denied.

You don’t need compatibility to fall in love though

But in a relationship is the only sphere in which compatibility operates. Compatibility plays no part in deciding who you fall in love with.

As much as this might sound strange to you, it is just as correct as that common truth stated in the second paragraph above.

The reason for this is pretty obvious: you don’t decide who you fall in love with. Falling in love is often random, unintentional.

You have the power to either act on that attraction or not. [Credit: Pinterest]

Attraction for most people, is often inexplicable. You just find yourself attracted to someone for reasons you can’t comprehend or explain, and that’s OK. You’re OK. Everyone goes through that phase.

Loving someone, being fiercely attracted to them could be beyond your power, but you have the power to either act on that attraction or not.

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Should you act on an attraction to someone you have no compatibility with?

Absolutely not.

We have established that being incompatible with someone will not stop you from being attracted or in love with them.

But going on to act on that attraction when compatibility is obviously absent will end up in disaster. There can be no two ways to view this.

You have the power to either act on an attraction to someone or not. [Credit - Shutterstock]

Ignoring the obvious disparities in values to enter a serious relationship with someone whose outlook on life differs from yours will end up in utter shambles.

You cannot afford a relationship with a guy or babe who sees life from a significantly different angle, through a different prism.

You will always never have a meeting point. You’ll always be at loggerheads and it is not difficult to know that such relationship will only be filled with resentment.

Hey, is that the kind of relationship you want?