Often times, all we hear is how crazily tedious it is to be married.

We regularly hear [and dread] all the seemingly unending effort involved in making a marriage work.

The bills, the family gatherings, house chores, child births, taking care of kids and securing their future… bla bla bla.

Yes. Marriage needs work, but it’s not only about the work and effort.

Marriage is also fun - so much fun as a matter of fact, that the good things in it far outweigh the challenges.

And here in this article, we list some of those good things.

1. You get to kiss a lot [Haha. We had to start on a cheery note, right?]

2. You are guaranteed at least one gift on your birthday

3. You have someone to spend your holidays and festive seasons with

4. What about those couple’s costumes? Isn’t it just cute to wear the same Asoebi with bae or boo?

5. Someone finally gets to fully understand you. I mean, after 5 years together, they’ll possibly know the rhythm, frequency and heaviness of your heartbeat.

6. You can be sure bad times will no longer be that bad, as there is someone to always share them with. [The good times, too]

7. You now have someone who assists you in paying bills. That’s really a nice perk of being married.

8. Someone is always looking forward to you coming back home, and is almost always happy to see you.

9. Need someone to quickly help you get something while on their way back from somewhere? Just call your husband!

10. Oh, and you finally get a roommate - for life!

11. There is the guarantee that you have a steady supply of sex. You know, once a week, at least, depending on how much you and your spouse love to rumble and tumble in the sack.

12. How about the prospect of a new family? The very idea that you and someone else can make another person, or two, maybe six as you decide.

So when next you are tempted to think of marriage as a stressful, energy-sapping activity of a lifetime, strike out the thought, and replace it with these happy thoughts.

If love is a beautiful thing, marriage is the ultimate canvass on which it is created!