Sometimes choosing a best man isnt just about picking your brother or best friend.

They may just not be capable enough to handle the responsibilities of being a best man at your wedding. If he's someone who doesn't care for organisational stuffs then he may just not be the right person for that position.

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If his attitude will be the cause of a fight between you and your bride-to-be then it's advisable to just let the person attend the wedding as a guest or give him a less important role.

Inspired by, here are 3 qualities your best man must have:

1. He must have his act together: A person who is always late for everything or forgets everything , doesn't matter if he's family, isn't fit to be your best man. Remember he'll be in charge of your rings till the exchange of vows, imagine if he forgets or loses them.

2. He's in good terms with your bride: It doesn't matter if he makes everybody laugh but your future wife doesn't find him funny. Making a buddy your best man may likely to cause problems for you and your future wife if she doesn't like him.

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3. He's not a bad influence: He doesn't urge you have more drinks or forget going home. He's thinks with you also and helps you make good decisions. If he doesn't do the above and you know he's a bad influence, it's better you let him be a groomsman or as a guest.