Dear Bukky,

I met this guy in 2017 around April, he is a doctor and when we just met him, he always fixed time for me despite his tight schedule.

He used to provide even when I had not asked for anything. He used to say I’m the best and that he loves me like his life depends on it.

With time, however, he started to change. He would just utter anything without thinking of how it made me feel. He only calls when he wants sex, replies to my texts after a day or two.

He earns more money but he keeps asking me to help him with money to buy fuel, and at times he tells me to lend him some money. He no longer takes me to any outing. He only takes me for sex and brings me back home. When I tell him about how fast he has changed, he just replies "BUSY."

Just that. Nothing else.

When I stop contacting him for some time he starts asking for my forgiveness and when I ask him to tell me why he wants to forgive him he will just look at me.

Recently, I told him I have made up my mind and that I think the two of us should separate. And he’s been telling me to hold on. He never stops calling and texting me.

Should I move on?


Dear reader,

Yes. It is the reasonable thing to do. Let that man go. The relationship sounds to me like one that favours just one party to the detriment of the other.

If all he does is take, take and take some more from you, you should not hesitate to find your way out of it. Sex, money, and time and emotions are valuable things that you should not give to people or causes that do not give you any satisfaction or peace of mind.

If your desire is for a man that will match your sacrifice and compromise with efforts of his own, then by all means, please go ahead and leave that man. From all that you sent, it is obvious that he is not the man for you.

He does not sound like one who nurtures and soothes with love. He is probably one of those who selfishly take and stay just for themselves.


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