Should you end a friendship or relationship because of politics?

March 15th 2023, 2:30:00 pm

The Nigerian 2023 election is testing loyalties and friendships.

The elections are making people cutting off ties

With Nigeria’s election brewing, the internet is becoming a hot spot for debates based on the polarity of who they support with the line between the candidates and parties being drawn clearly in the sand.

Elections are about polarization, different opinions and thoughts. It usually means ideology clashes like the left and the right in American politics. The left (democrats) has views on abortion, immigration, student debt, and gun violence and the right (republic) also has the opposite opinions on these issues - they never agree.

With the internet being a constant battleground, insults and ad hominem arguments are flying up and down. Many young Nigerians regard the election as a matter of life and death and people who do not support their preferred candidates are after their life and livelihood.

Olabode says he would never date someone who supports an opposing party because he has to question her moral leanings. “Important to me. I am not saying I am perfect but I would have to question why you would support such a person.”

But for some other people, the party you support makes no difference, they can make the delineation between a person’s political view and their personality.


Saheed says; “It’s extreme to say that you won’t date or marry a person based on their political views, they have only one vote as you do.”

Chika says, “Why not? I can even be with someone who isn’t even the same religion as me.”

Compatibility is an essential part of a relationship or friendship. They might have been history and sacrifices made before the campaign, gauge the relationship based on the value it has brought, and even though it may cause you to respect such a person less, it does not necessarily mean you should cut them off.

However, if you feel like the relationship needs to be brought to an abrupt end because of different political views by all means end it because how can two walk together except they agree?.

Temi Iwalaiye
Temi Iwalaiye is a lifestyle Reporter at Pulse. She loves to write - about anything and everything.


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