Data from xHamster shows that women were much more active than men in terms of post-game porn viewership

The year's biggest night in football just wrapped up, with the Philadelphia Eagles coming out on top over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. So naturally, porn site xHamster was inclined to see what exactly was happening to its traffic in those cities during and after the big game.

As anticipated, there was a drop in traffic during the game followed by a sharp spike post-game from both cities. But xHamster also found that overall, women were much more active post-game porn-viewers than guys.

In other words, while you were out celebrating the Eagles' victory, your lady's post-game party might have been a lot more exciting.

That's right. xHamster found that women overall were much more active porn consumers than guys post-game. The data saw traffic from women shoot up to nearly 30 percent above average after the end of the game, while guys hovered around a 13 percent increase.

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"After the game ended last night, women began flooding xHamster looking for a little endzone relief of their own," the company wrote in a blog post. "Was it the competitive adrenaline? The tight uniforms? The locker room shots? Or maybe the fact that the men were too busy watching post-game coverage."

xHamster also found that porn traffic in Boston increased so much after the game, they ended the night net positive with traffic at .4 percent above average overall meaning Pats fans more than over-compensated for their huge traffic drop during the game. Looks like the fans had a stronger finish to the night than Brady and company.

Philadelphia's net average was 4.6 percent below average for the evening. In other words, Eagles fans were too busy climbing greasy poles, punching police horses and running into concrete pillars to be bothered with porn.