Princess Mako is the granddaughter of Japans Emperor Akihito and a member of the royal family, entitled to the finest silk and all other pleasures of being royalty.

But she’s chosen to give up all of that because love is infinitely more treasurable.

The Princess, 25, is reportedly set to marry her ex-classmate, a commoner she met during her time at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

Under Japanese cultural norms, whenever a princess marries someone who isn’t royalty, she is stripped of her status and becomes a commoner like her husband.

Mako remains unbothered by this tradition, and like all fairytale princesses before her, she's all about the romance and promise of a happy ending with Kei Mekuro, the man she loves.

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Kei, also 25, has been dubbed the Prince of the sea because he has once worked to promote tourism to the beaches of Shonan in Kanagawa prefecture, reports NHK TV.

He is also said to love playing the violin, cooking and skiing. [It’s pretty hard to not fall for a man like this, to be honest]

The royal family is yet to deny or confirm anything but reports from Japan indicate that Princess Mako will ask for official permission to marry 25-year-old ocean lover Kei Komuro.

She’ll be the queen of his heart, his world, his empire.

They’ll have pretty little princes and princesses of their own and like in other fairytales before theirs, they’ll live happily ever after...