Imagine a world where everyone sticks with their partners and shun side chicks and side guys.

Sadly, by all indications, hell would freeze over before we ever get that. Infidelity is probably going to forever be part of the culture and dealing with it rightly seems to be the only way out.

So in that light, we have to ask, what does one do when a partner cheats?

What reaction is best to take when a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is caught having sex with another person or doing something else that counts as cheating/infidelity?

For 'Deola, 24, her decision is dependent on whether she’s married or not.

“If I'm married," she says, "I'll take him back. Just because of the institution of marriage and kids (if we have any.)

“If we were just dating, I wouldn't take him back.”

The fact that trust will become difficult to rediscover is one great reason why some don’t take cheating partners back.

Having to be uncertain and suspicious is unhealthy for any relationship and that’s what happens when a partner cheats and has to be forgiven and taken back.

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“There will be trust issues and having to doubt him every now and then wouldn't be too good for the relationship,” says Kenny, writer and food expert.

“Even when he isn't cheating or something, the idea that he might be cheating on me again will definitely ruin the relationship. So, why put us both in such situation?” she adds.

However, we also know that taking back cheating partners is not abominable, and actually does happen a lot.

"Yes I could take him back," admits Inemesit Udodiong, presenter of Pulse's "Love, Sex and Everything Else."

"[I'll do that] because I really love him and have faith that he won't do it again.

"[However, there'll be a fear that he'll cheat again] because I believe it's a lot easier to do something again once you have done it the first time."

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Sometimes, the circumstances surrounding the act of Infidelity could make it understandable and according to Inemesit, her decision to take back a cheating partner will rest on some factors.

"My decision to leave or not... depends on the situation because that might play a role in [what I decide,]" she says.

Ayoola, a video editor says:“Yes, [I will take her back.]"

“If the person [she] cheated with is a stranger and I [know] I would never be able to provide what caused her to cheat.”

Here’s one thing you need to know: forgiving a partner who has cheated on you does not justify the act or make it right, it just signifies that you are willing to try and move past it and look beyond that mistake.

So which are you – a partner who forgives and continues with the relationship, or the one does not take back a cheater under no circumstance?

Let’s know in the poll below.