Women in relationships seem to somehow find it difficult to apologise to their partners for their own wrongs.

This was the subject of an article published here recently; and a poll was conducted to know why this is the case.

With the poll, we sought to understand why a good number of women are terrible at actually offering apologies.

Could it because they are too arrogant to do so, or because the society seeks to teach men the responsibility of always apologising to the woman even if she is the one obviously at fault?

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Maybe these women suck at giving proper apologies because they do not even know how to.

The result of the poll shows that many people believe that arrogance is what prevents women from apologising as they should for their mess ups. A massive 75% voted this.

Another 18.7% say they fail at apologies because they do not know how to while the remaining 6.3% say men should be the only ones apologising to women no matter regardless of who was right or not.