Its July 2018 already, and as expected, there have been many happy pre-wedding and wedding moments to put cheery smiles on our faces.

With the year splitting in half and lovely wedding news still rolling in thick and fast just like undefined and undefined, we have decided to do a quick recap on some of the really pretty pre-wedding pictures that have been featured on Pulse Weddings so far this year.

In no particular order, here are five of the loveliest pre-wedding pictures we've been blessed with up till now in 2018.

1. Finessing in February

We got this amazing couple and their sunfilled prewedding photos released by Atilary Studio in February.


Veteran actors, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs' son, Olusoji and Boma Douglas will tie the knot later this week which begins July 9, 2018 and this has happened ahead of that big day:

3. undefined

Ronke and Arthur's breathtaking pictures are so magnificent that we were totally blown away by their magnificence when we first saw then in February:

4.  undefined

This  pretty pair channeled royalty, classiness and fairytale romance in their pre-wedding pictures shot by Klala Photography in March. The pictures were lit then just as they still are, even now!

5. Hauwa Indimi and Mohammed Yar'adua

Before their wonderful wedding in Maiduguri at the turn of July, Hauwa Indimi and Mohammed Yar'adua released some amazing pre-wedding pictures, among which is this lovely one below:

You can also see all their fantastic wedding pictures here