Theyve been married for 37 years... and for every single day of that marriage, theyve worn matching outfits.

How cool is that?!

A Japanese couple, @bonpon511 have become so popular on Instagram for their decision to rock coordinating wears every single day since their wedding day 37 years ago!

Of course the extent of dedication and affection between a couple is better judged by the things they do when no one is watching, but outwards signs as these can often reflect positive vibes and the happiness in that relationship.

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And the Japanese couple, said to be over 60years, is melting hearts and setting enviable relationship goals with this adorable aspect of their marriage.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone if their marriage is one in which they watch out for each other and consider each other in all of their personal decisions.

Check the gallery below for more of their adorable photos.