Take one step at a time, theres no need to rush.

Jordin Sparks sang that in her 2007 hit song and it sounds even truer especially for you if you're worried whether or not you are moving too fast with a babe you only just met.

On a general note, slow and steady is advised for new relationships. First because you do not want to set a standard that's too high and unsustainable in the long run. And also because the easier you go, the better your chances of seeing signs and observing keenly what the person is and what they are not.

When you allow yourself see all these, your decision to leave or stay will be accurate rather than lopsided or skewed by speed with which you rushed into the relationship.

For you, guys. if you have just met a woman you think you are falling for, but wondering if you are moving at the right pace, here are three ways to know:

1. Spending too much

Money makes the world go round, we know. And yes, money paves the way to romancemany times and makes relationships a lot easier, we know that too.

However, spending wisely is advised, too. You don't  want her to think you are trying to buy your way into her heart. Women expect more than the funds. Learn to do those instead of throwing money at everything.

You also do not want to begin the relationship on an unsustainable note.

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2. Introducing her to too many people

The urge to let everyone in your life know her may be strong and all but do not give in to that desire too early. While it is not so cool to have a secret relationship, it is still important to be private especially in the early weeks or maybe even months.

Introducing her to everyone too early may freak her out. Take things slow and really steady.

3. Too much pressure?

Relationships make you make few concessions here and there. And it is fine because when two people with different backgrounds and will and desires come together, knowing what to concede and what to compromise on will be key to the continued existence of the relationship.

However, some concessions are made easier when the relationship has been on for a while as opposed to when it is only few weeks or months old. When you are demanding such from a partner, it is the depth of the bond in the relationship that will determine whether not you get it. And many times, relationship bonds are strengthened over time.

If the relationship has not reached the level of closeness yet and you ask for a concession, you may freak your partner out as that may be considered asking for too much, moving too fast.

In other cases, it is subtly or expressly pushing for marriage when you have barely known the woman for even three months.