Many times, attention is placed on how to treat a woman right, to make her ceaselessly happy and treasured in a relationship.

This is because when men refuse to do put adequate effort into doing this, there is a chance that someone else will, and that could be the end of that relationship.

And for those willing to give a woman the right amount of attention and care that she's not getting from her man, a certain Twitter user, Sir Xcel, has put together the ultimate 10 steps to 'stealing' such women from their uncaring husbands/boyfriends.

Ultimately the 10 steps, listed below, are to show guys how their lack of care and attention could open the door to another man who could actually win over these women by doing the things they refused to do, or took for granted.

In his exact words, Sir Xcel on Twitter says this how to steal someone's girlfriend...

1: Communicate with her. Talk to her about the little things, find out what's happening in her life and talk about it with her a lot.

People in relationships are always taken for granted by their partner and communication is an aspect they ignore. Use this to your advantage

2: Make her trust you. You will be her confidant. Show her that you sincerely care about her problems (even if you don't).

3: Be Reliable. You must always be there when she needs help or a shoulder to cry on. Make her believe you'll always be there for her.

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4: Be Discreet. She has a boyfriend so there must be no indication of anyone trying to come between them. Everything must be coded.

5: Give her what her bf can't give her. Find out what her relationship lacks and give it to her.

6: Find out what she likes and like it too. Once you have this, two of you can spend time doing what she likes together. This is a major [key].

7: Her bf is a nobody and must be treated as such. Refer to him as "your bf" when talking with her. In fact, codedly point out his flaws to her. Do it codedly. It should not be obvious. If it's obvious, you'll look desperate.

8: Compliment her. Her bf is used to her so he's "familiar" with her looks and everything about her. But that's not the case with you. Adore her. Praise every new dress, hairstyle & picture. Appeal to her vanity and you'll be in her bed soon enough. Trust me.

9: Understand her. Know what she likes/dislikes. Know her body language. Once it dawns on her that you understand her better than bf...

she might break up with him. Her friends might even start campaigning for you at this point.

10: Sex! At this point, you should be close to getting her laid and if she gives you a chance, then you must give her the best sex of her life. It must be something she'll never forget. Don't be average. Watch Kamasutra if need be. Just don't be average.

Extra tip : Her female friends are your friends. Don't underestimate this.

Sir Xcel believes this list will save relationships because every boyfriend/husband that reads this will [hopefully] sit up and do better.

He adds that guys need to put in more work into their relationships because a [man] might really steal  women from this.

Come on guys, do not wait till a guy tries to steal your woman before doing right by her.