The huge glittering rock is said to cost an eye-watering £7.7million and the young, delighted 27-year old proudly shares a pic of the prized anniversary present with the 239K people that follow her on Instagram, saying "My husband is never too stingy to buy me presents."

Apparently Ksenia previously had a heart-shaped 30-karat ringand her oligarch husband felt that wasn't worth of his p[rincess so he decided to upgrade it for her.

"Now he made a decision that a 30-carate ring is not enough for me," Ksenia says in the Instagram post which flaunts the sparkly gemstone.

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Meanwhile Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg [another billionaire] chose to celebrate his own 5th wedding anniversary in simpler, less-flamboyant means - the couple spent the weekend out in Maine, USA.

With a post on Facebook [of course], he explained how he had promised his wife Priscilla, to take her travelling on their wedding anniversaries so as to make up for their honeymoon which was cut short for business reasons in 2012.

Some love to display love on a lowkey, others love to go all the way.

What matters are the acts of romance and the thought put into these acts.

Happy anniversary to the billionaire couples