As we all know, weddings are meant for the brides and maybe grooms to shine -- above everyone else. But what can possibly blur a brides big day? Here are five things that could disrupt your friends, sisters, nieces lovely wedding:

1. A white dress

You know there’s always that one woman who shows up in ivory -- and drives the bride into an early grave. At the very least, keep your fabrics in the taupe or blush territory, and save that white lace number for a graduation, baptism or garden party.

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2. Disrespecting the dress code

You may have the fiercest little cocktail frock you're dying to debut, but the dress code may be black-tie optional. And in that instance, you're better off in a long gown (so you don't have any chance of feeling underdressed).

3. A brand new pair of stilettos

We know, it’s your one and maybe only chance to get really dressed up. But remember that you'll be walking from table to table and dancing till midnight. Please do not embarrass the bride should you fall on the dance floor. Many will think you got high and the bride will think you wanted to ruin her wedding. Either make sure to wear them in beforehand or choose a more sensible pair from the start.

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4. Jewelry that jingles

Quiet church. Loud bangles. Think about it. Please, stick to statement earrings instead. Don’t distract the bride when she's making her vow.

5. Outfits that are too revealing

Even if you think something looks good straight-on in front of the mirror, make sure to do a chair (and stairs) check. Weddings are a time of support--not a time for other guests to gossip about your Spanx line, your cleavage or the extra fat flesh popping out of that crop top. Let the bride take the attention.

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Here's what the bride will love to see you in:

Yes! Pants are GREAT at a wedding. In fact, a tailored jumpsuit and formal jewelry will make you the trendiest one at this shindig. (Not to mention, the only one who can truly master "a little bit softer now.")