Intertribal and interracial marriages aren’t new but it is a whole new experience for the bride and groom who will experience first-hand how marriage rites are done in each other’s tribe or country.

According to Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events, in a new episode of her party and lifestyle vlog series, Funke Says, there are certain steps couples from different tribes or races should consider when planning an intercultural wedding.

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“Intertribal or interracial marriage can seem very difficult, this could be as a result of the bride and groom-not understanding each other culture, ” she explains.

Bucknor says these steps include:

1. Understand the culture

2. Learn to compromise

3. Consider your wardrobe

4. Consider legalities if you are marrying someone from another country

Watch Funke Bucknor explain all the points listed in the video above.