Oluwatoyin Anthony Lawson and his bride, Shantrelle Lewis had one of the best days of their lives when they tied the knot few months back in New Orleans.

The Nigerian groom and American bride are both Howard University alumna, who fell into sweet, sweet love and that shone through at their colourful wedding ceremony in November, 2016.

The ceremony has been described by Shoppe Black as "The Blackest Wedding Ever" because of the fusion of Nigerian and Black-American [party] culture.

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Shantrelle looked totally gorgeous in her iro and buba, and her elegance was still firmly in place when she switched to a glittering dress and rocked a pair of sneakers to give off that perfect chic bride look.

Sure, Oluwatoyin looked just dashing beside his woman throughout the ceremony and bridal carnival, part of which can be seen in the great video below.

Video credit: Alex Colby/YouTube