One commonly mentioned issue that comes up again and again is a lack of communication . "He was avoidant and refused to talk about any issues unless I literally begged him," says one woman. "And to make it worse, he had an aversion to facing problems in person, and preferred to hide behind text messages . The last two years of the relationship being long distance made this problem unsolvable. He also was unable/unwilling to give me the affection I needed, and in the end it felt like we were just friends who talked every day, not lovers."

"He refused to talk about any problems at all ever and just kept them bottled up," says another. "One day, he exploded and told me he had been lying to me for a year & that all these things he said were perfectly fine were actually not fine at all. I'm 100% willing to work on things in relationships, and we'd probably still be together if he had communicated issues in the moment instead of lying and saying there weren't any issues. I couldn't continue with the relationship. I'd be super paranoid and I'd feel like I'm walking on eggshells all the time. Not worth it."