The 10 Best Feeling Condoms for Pleasure

Condoms get a bad rap for no reason. Some people think they're bulky and obtrusive, and that they kill the mood. Breaking news: If you think that all condoms suck, you're not using the right ones, buddy.

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There are plenty of ultra-thin and ribbed condoms that both promise to enhance your pleasure and keep you and your partner protected. But with so many condoms on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. That's why we've scoured the internet for the best feeling, thin condoms that are barely noticeable during sex.

These thin condoms will be the answer to just about anything you or your partner needs:

The company describes this condom as super thin and claims its sleek shape makes it feel like you're not even wearing a condom. Plus, it's extra lubricated for your partner's comfort.

Its not as barely-there as lambskin , but a Kimono MicroThin is the next best thing for couples who want a condom that feels more natural and protects against STDs. According to the manufacturer, this condom is 20 percent thinner than competitors thin models, but it's still strong enough to pass vigorous testing.

Thankfully, thinner condoms don't have to be expensive. This 100-pack from LifeStyles gets you the most "bang" for your buck (pun intended). You'll have a seemingly endless stash of condoms in your nightstand at all times, without breaking the bank.

According to Durex, these condoms are so thin they're practically invisible. In the words of one Amazon reviewer, these are "definitely the closest to 'not even there' that I've ever experienced."

Of course every company is gonna say their condom is the best. But Okamoto gets plenty of rave reviews. "My husband hates condoms, but these he said were really good as far as condoms go," explains one reviewer.

These thin condoms are a non-latex alternative for those with allergies. One Amazon fan calls them "very weird yet exotic and comfy." They go on to say Trojan Supras are "a must try honestly."

These super thin condoms are made with a water-based lubricant, so they're safe to use with latex condoms and they wash off easily. One reviewer says they can't be felt, but warns you need to be careful not to tear them.

These non-latex, extra-thin condoms are designed to increase sensitivity for extra pleasure. This sampler pack includes the company's original, studded, and extra lubricated condoms for a better feeling during sex.

These super thin condoms are ideal for guys and their partners that prefer not use chemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.

Thinner than a human hair, these super thin condoms have changed one Amazon reviewer's love life. "I truly never thought that it mattered what type of condom I used," she wrote. "However, after trying a free sample of the ONE ultra feel condom, my husband and I were hooked."


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