Agalu Soungobi Foundation held a dinner at the Obas palace on Tuesday 26th September in celebration of the foundations decade of promoting the African talking drum.

The Ooni said that the sound of many drums elicit emotions that inspire passionate excitement and passion.

The paramount ruler also said that the drum is symbol of peace in our households, local governments, within the black race and the whole world at large.

In view of this, the drum is a a viable tool for the promotion of peace that we can adopt like our ancestors did long ago.

Oba Adeyeye also added that African drums have a special place in African history as drums are not only used for entertainment but for communication.

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Drum not only add to the musical quality of a song, they also give symbolic and historical meaning in all manners of ceremony such as births, burials, weddings, initiation ceremonies and ritual dance.

Our ancestors used drums to make declarations of war, as well as to make peace in the aftermath.

Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi pledged his support for the Agalu Soungobi Foundation, promising to to take the dream worldwide, he also appealed to everyone to value our culture and traditionThe Ambassador of Drum of Peace, Mrs Aralola Olamuyiwa, a drummer popularly known as Ara, praised the Ooni for being a peace lover.She also said that drum plays significant role in every aspect of Yorubaland.