1. I really don't care what his face is doing up there, it looks nasty!

2. This is definitely the last thing anyone wants to see when checking for their luggage

3. Why does this look like he stepped in a pile of giant poop?

4. These ladies thought a great white whale was after them. The utter look of terror on their faces! The guy just wanted a group hug, that's all.

5. Pretty sure they would not have ridden on that elephant if they knew it was going to ride another elephant halfway. *cringes*

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6. This entire family didn't see the waves coming

7. Someone should have given this man a wrapper to cover his derriere.

8. Oh well, at least she got a legend inked on her arm.

9. This dog just ruined a romantic moment

10. I don't understand what's going on with the hats. Doubt that they themselves understand it.