These street markets in Africa are worth travelling halfway across the world to experience the energy firsthand. These are the top five markets for tourists to visit in Africa.

Walking through the local markets while on a trip is one of the most exciting things to do. Why not try it out?

1. Massai Market, Kenya

Experience the Maasai culture and buy exotic artefacts and products at the Maasai mobile market in Nairobi, Kenya. It doesn't have a definite market day and is held in different parts of the city on different days. Tuesdays at Kijabe Street, opposite ‘The Norfolk Hotel’, Wednesdays at Capital Center on Mombasa Road, Thursdays at Nakumatt Junction Mall on Ngong Road, Friday at the Village Market, Gigiri, Saturday at the High Court Parking lot, CBD and Sunday at the Yaya Center in Hurlingham.

2. Makola Market, Ghana

The Makola Market is one of the most hectic places in Accra, Ghana, but tourists still visit to see it bustling with life and items. Be careful to leave your valuables at home as there are thieves roaming about.

3. The Souks of Marrakesh, Morocco

One of the most enchanting yet hectic places to visit are the Souks of Marrakech, in North Africa. It's like something out of an ‘Arabian Nights’ tale. It is popular for its narrow alleyways, high-end spices, bicycles being fixed, carpet sellers following you around and skinned goats hanging from high-strung hooks.

4. Eko Market, Nigeria

Eko Market, or Lagos Island Market or Balogun Market, is brimming items as well as people. With Lagos being one of the most populous cities in Africa, visiting Eko market is one of the most stressful things to do. However, the energy is intoxicating and there are lots of things that can be bought there.

5. Khan el-Khalili, Egypt

Khan el-Khalili is the major souk in Islamic Cairo and on its narrow streets you will find a variety of beautiful souvenirs including shiny baubles, authentic belly-dancers costume and much more.