This is exactly what happens when you put a talented artist with an incredible imagination in a situation as this. The end product is usually brilliant.

You know how we all get a sick thrill from writing 'wash me', 'dust me' and all other crude messages on a dusty car or truck. Well, it's a good thing not everyone is interested in passing such messages, especially when better ones can be passed across. That's exactly what artist Nikita Golubev aka Pro Boy Nick has found himself doing on the street of Moscow with every dirty van, car and trucks he finds and they are incredibly beautiful and gorgeous.

Golubev targets dusty cars and vans in Moscow as part of an ongoing project he tags #dirtpainting.

Using paintbrushes and fingers, Golubev creates his designs on the surfaces of neglected trucks featuring animals, body parts and other beauties that find themselves on planet earth.

When he’s not drawing animals on these dusty trucks using his fingers and paintbrushes, he finds himself designing other stuff centred around fine art, digital art, character and film design, as the multimedia artist that he is.

With dirty car art in display, it goes to show the unexplored world of art and of course, the beauty that lies in uncovering art every day and in every nook and cradle irrespective of the norm.