You can now attend a semen cooking class, and yes, you are required to bring your own.

While some people believe that spermatozoa is proteinous, some believe it is a tasty flavour to include in your food.

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The sperm cooking class requires you to bring your own sperm however, because, you know, jerking off in the kitchen might actually be gross.

A company named Wonderush is working on a cooking class called 'Cooking With Semen' and it is set to debut in London.

For people who are adventurous enough to attend this class, they will be taught how to spice up their food with jizz.

They're also required to bring their own sperm or collect some for a friend. The measurement is five teaspoons and they will learn how to make meals and drinks flavoured with unborn children.

However, the class will only hold if at least 30 people sign up for it. Maybe it's not really that gross, just think of semen as whipped cream for that extra flavour.