The Isaac Boro garden park is a public beautiful park which is dedicated to the evergreen memory of a Niger Delta hero and military icon- Maj. Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro.

In addition, the outdoor park is a large garden with lots of garden chairs and canopies of trees to replace the fierceness of the sun with kindness. And for the feeding of the eyes, the beautiful sculptures of military men and their tools of warfare emits satisfaction.

At Isaac Boro park, peace and serenity have decided to reign supreme for as long as the park exist; and in quietness, their supremacy is experienced.

Also, Isaac Boro garden park provides a good avenue for tourists to take in views and moments of the urban dwellers going about their usual business while the bask in the sweet calmness the park renders. And this is because the tourist haven is sited in the heart of Rivers state capital- Port Harcourt.

What is the condition at Isaac Boro garden park?

It is dry from December to March, but from April to September, it rains. mostly rains. The average daytime temperature is 28 degrees and the night time temperature is 23 degrees.

What to bring when coming to Isaac Boro garden Park?

Thinking of heading to Isaac Boro garden park, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

1. Mats for picnic.

2. A camera.

3. A friend or group of friends- nothing beats a group experience.

4. If you’re going alone, you need a good book

How there hotels close to Isaac Boro garden park?

When it comes to visiting the park, accommodation should be the least of issues to worry about as there are both easily affordable and 3 stars hotels whose locations are close to the garden park. And amongst them are:

Juanita hotel                   N 32,500

Golden tulip                    N 40,500

Muriela hotels                  N 9,000

Tevit homes                   N 7,800

De infinity skye suite       N 6,000

Sangana hotel                N 3,000

What other places can be toured upon a visit to Isaac Boro garden park?

Upper Orachi forest reserves

This forest reserve is arguably one of the best bird-watching spots in the country. It is a freshwater swamp forest located on 25,165 hectares of land with various wildlife that include the white-throated monkeys, red colobus monkeys, Heslop’s pygmy hippopotamus, yellow-backed duiker, and Giant forest hogs among others.

Also, in upper Orachi forest reserves, there rare birds such as the grey parrots, Estrildapoliopareia, Hartlaub’s duck, serpent eagle, Spizactusafricanus, blue-headed dove, black-throated coucal, Black-casqued Hornbill, red-rumped tinker bird, lesser honeyguide, gabion woodpecker, blacked-capped yellow warbler, yellow-chinned sunbird, and white-breasted Negro finch among other 91 species of birds that have been recorded. The upper Orashi forest reserve is situated close to Ikodi Village in Ahoada Local Government Area of the state.

Zoological garden

The zoological garden is located at Trans Amadi in Port Harcourt. It is a place to visit if you care for exotic and wild animals that include the drill monkey, chimpanzees, gorilla, elephants, and several other wild animals. This zoological garden is the delight of tourism lovers in the state, and one of the many places visited by people during public holidays and festive periods. It’s also a place that has delighted many students who want to learn about wild and rare animals.

Finma beach and Nature park

The beautiful beach is located at Finima in Bonny Island. It’s long stretches of beaches bid you welcome during Christmas and Easter festive periods and anytime within the year. There is also the Finima Nature Pond developed by Nigeria NNG so as to preserve the mangrove swamp and natural wildlife in the area. Anyone can visit the park or the beaches for fun and excitement purposes, and several other people even hold social events and engagements on the long, stretching beaches of Finima.

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