5 significances of Yoruba Riddles

November 30th 2022, 10:18:35 am

Yoruba riddles, known as àlọ́ àpamọ̀ is an important part of Yoruba lore that serves both recreational and educational purposes.

Yoruba drummers

It is one of the two branches of àlọ́, that is folktale, the other being àlọ́ àpagbè (stories with songs). It is usually done in the evening, after work hours, just as the sun sets; it fascinates both children and adults alike.

Here are 5 significances of Yoruba riddles:

  1. Àlọ́ àpamọ̀ helps to boost the reasoning capacity of the audience as the riddles are rarely direct, they require in depth thinking to figure out the answers. It amplifies critical thinking and problem solving skills.

It also enhances the knowledge of the listeners as the riddles always come with an explanation of the answers. They are means of learning new words and how to use them in the proper context.

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2. It promotes awareness of the environment. The riddles are most times tied to attributes of nature that are often missed unless one has a keen eye and is quite observant.

It brings nature's subtle characteristic features to the limelight and challenges the listeners to pay more attention to their surroundings.

3. Àlọ́ àpamọ̀ brings people together and strengthens communal interactions. This folktale is associated with relaxation hours, people would often sit down and discuss and test their knowledge with these riddles. It fosters unity and builds relationships amongst the members of the community.

4. It shows the creativity of the Yoruba people and the great deal of skill that goes into making a riddle complex enough to intrigue and challenge the mind.

5. Àlọ́ àpamọ̀ is entertaining and exciting; it engages everyone and is fun for all age groups. Àlọ́ àpamọ̀ is a vital part of Yoruba culture that is slowly fading but needs to be brought back.

Oluwatumininu Dunmade
Oluwatumininu Dunmade is a witty writer who loves to engage her readers.


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