Everyone who identifies themselves as stylish or a fashion enthusiast, should know certain key fashion terms to hold their own in any conversation. Here are four fashion terms to know:

Bow Tie:

The modern bow tie is most attached to dinner suits. It came from the use of knotted scarfs by mercenaries during the Prussian wars, which led to cravats and Ascot ties. The style includes fabric tied in a shoelace knot around the collar to create symmetrical loops at the two opposite ends. Today, ready bow ties are common; but unless made-to-measure, an adjustable strap is usually required.

Boxer Briefs:

This is quite common for it's comfortability with men. It can be described as a hybrid of the boxer short and brief. Long in the leg but tight in fit.

Boxer Shorts:

This is the most comfortable underwear a man can have. It features an elastic waist close to those seen on the trunks of boxing athletes. It is often seen that teenagers will switch from briefs to boxer shorts or boxer briefs.


A firm, low-heeled shoe or boot with decorative punching (or 'brogueing') of the leather and uppers. The shoe's strength is an upshot of its highland heritage, which the ornamental perforations were used to let water escape.