The British shoe designer chose Stephanie Coker as one of the inspirational women around the world to celebrate International Women's Day with the 'Sophia's Travelling  Bag' launched today.

The Sophia Webster travelling bag will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to an international charity, Womankind Worldwide.

"For this exciting campaign, Sophia invited inspiring women from all over the world to join by taking the brand’s ‘Claudie’ bag to their city or a location personal to them, captured with a photo in front of their chosen landmark. Each participant has also personalized one of Sophia’s signature ‘Speech Bubble’ Charms with an uplifting mantra or personal quote. These charms of wisdom are attached to the ‘Claudie’ bag, and a souvenir, unique to each participant and their location, is also included inside of the bag" the brand revealed in a statement on the website.

Coker posed with a hair parting comb called 'Ilarun' in Yoruba synonymous with haircare and beauty in West Africa.

Proceeds from the Sophia Webster travelling bag set to be auctioned off will go to an international charity, Womankind Worldwide.