Nigerian designers spring up by the day with even more making a 'style show' on Instagram especially which has become a hub of all things fashionable.

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Designers have taken to Instagram to get people style 'thirsty' showing off their pieces on models and even clients and sending followers into a frenzy.

A lot of fashion designers/brands reveal they make money off Instagram as they've made much more than they would have without Instagram! A lot of these brands are popular, not so popular but what they all have in common is a dedicated following of people who swear by their designs -even as much as they show off stunning designs.

(Note that some get inspirations from international brands and create just perfect pieces while some come up with designs that have become a signature for their brands)

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These designers are known to show off their pieces regularly via Instagram where people get inspired to try out their designs or even come up with looks based on their posts, they are popular on Instagram and they keep improving by the day.

(This post isn't based strictly on the amount of following on their pages but on how they have influenced people's style and are successfully building a solid client base as well as their brands)

Check out the list of Nigerian designers making waves on Instagram (Part One):

1. Toju Foyeh

Toju Foyeh is a Nigerian designer who made her runway debut at the 2015 Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week, known for her bridal and wedding guest inspiration designs crafted modern to suit the trendy woman.

She sends her followers and people wild with her posts about her pieces, her pieces on clients and more. Her Instagram page is also a stylish hub of all sorts of inspiration.

2. April by Kunbi

April by Kunbi is known for her bridal looks as well as made to order/custom designs. She also teases her R-T-W designs via her Instagram page. Sometimes her pieces reflect inspiration from revered designers including Zuhair Murad, Reem Acra and more.

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Her pieces are crafted feminine, flirty and usually flawless. She's one of the most popular designers making waves on Instagram.

3. NHN Couture

NHN Couture is a fabric retailer and designer. Slightly different, the brand is known to create 'decent designs with their customized fabrics shared on Instagram with 'didactic' captions every time.

The creative director of the brand is usually tapped as the model who shows off the looks everytime and they are able to do this while spreading the word of God. It's a popular brand on Instagram.

4. Ejiro Amos-Tafiri

Ejiro Amos Tafiri is a top Nigerian designer who has styled popular celebrities and walked major runways but the brand also makes bold appearances on Instagram as in recent times, they've turned to Instagram to share sneak peeks of their latest in-store styles and they get people craving the looks!

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5. Elvira Jude

Elvira Jude is a popular brand to the stars including Genevieve Nnaji, Bolanle Olukanni, Dolapo Oni and many more. They create stunning pieces and show off same on Instagram often.

6. Fablane by Derin

Fablane by Derin started off less than a year ago and it's easily one of those brands making waves on Instagram. They create flattering pieces for the modern woman and with photos churned out regularly, the brand attracts more clients everyday.

7. Grey (Projects)

Grey is a womenswear brand out of Nigeria, being around for a while the brand has attracted a dedicated following of clients who love their pieces and because they 'tease' their designs via Instagram they make waves.

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8. Wanni Fuga

Wanni Fuga is an upcoming brand but is making waves with its regular teases on Instagram. They became known when they created their signature Beryl Set that trended recently and have continued to improve on styles.

9. Lady Biba

Lady Biba is known for her classic pieces for the modern woman. What stands the brand out is the structure the pieces come in making it a first choice for working class ladies.

10. Designer's Muse/The Muse Factory

Designer's Muse started off as fabric retailers but soon started a Ready-To-Wear line releasing a lookbook last year filled with amazing designs and they've continued to soar especially via Instagram since then gathering clients.

11. Imad Eduso

Imad Eduso is a new name in the fashion industry but one that has become popular amongst celebrities, their simple but carefully crafted pieces grace their page often leaving people wanting more.

12. Chidinma Obairi

Chidinma Obairi (is probably the only Nigerian brand who doesn't follow anyone on Instagram) shares stunning pieces and details off their collection everytime getting people swooning. The brand makes great use of Instagram to push her pieces and it works!