The general culture in Nigeria is go! go! go! and most guys tend to just throw on what’s convenient, most likely jeans, and they are out the door.

Actually, jeans don’t suit everything and you may not want to wear a suit so paying a little attention to your trouser game and having a range of trouser styles can improve your fashion style.

1. Twill Chinos: These are basically like a great alternative to the regular trousers. The Twill fabric is also quite durable and it will last for a very long time. You can style in so many ways, ranging from casual looks with tee shirts and sneakers to formal looks with a blazer and oxford shoes.

2. Cropped Trousers: Instead of the traditional trousers, you can try something stylish like wearing trousers than are about 3 or 4 inches from your ankle and show off your socks. You should also get it in a slim cut. It doesn’t look good to have end of your trousers crumpled at the ankle.

3. Slim Joggers: When you combine the comfort of sweat pants and the new slim fit of the joggers, you have a very stylish outfit. Unfortunately, you can’t go formal with this look but you can definitely go all the way with casual or semi-casual. Pair with tee shirts or button up shirts, sneakers or brogues.

4. Linen Trousers: the last must-have pair is Linen trousers. They are especially good for casual/semi casual outings, especially in hot places like Nigeria. They also have this rich vibe to them and finally, they shouldn’t be too fitted. The great thing about them is how loose they are.

It’s great to have a variety of denim in your wardrobe but you also need to show that you can mix things up and not get too convenient with your jeans.

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