For those men who want to go away for the weekend, be it for a wedding or some kind of celebration and want to look stunning every step of the way, here are the clothing pieces you want to have with you:

Tassel loafers:

The tassel loafer is the height of class without being so formal and can compliment any look whatsoever. You can also decide whether or not to go sockless. Check to buy a versatile color and in a durable fabric.

Simple bracelet:

The plain link, cuff or metal rope in gold, silver or black is the more demure response to the sporting rope or beaded bracelet, as more and more young Nigerian men seem to have ditched the classic wrist watch. Make thing simple, with wearing only one bracelet with your watch or skip the watch entirely.

Wayfarer sunglasses:

If you are Nigerian, this is a right of passage. The sort of sunlight we are experiencing in Nigeria, especially in recent times, is not cool at all so the perfect way to shield yourself and look cool while at it is to get a pair of Wayfarers. Get the essential black first and then start to play around with the different colors of frames.

Sexy polo shirt:

So you’ve spent hours in the gym and you now you feel it’s time to reward yourself with a little ‘show and tell’, the best way to flaunt is with a short sleeve polo shirt. Obviously, you should look out for the fit and tailoring and try to get ones with a subtle pattern, like stripes on them.

White denim pants:

This may not be an essential. You should get this after you have gotten the dark blue jeans. However, if you want to stand apart and be the center of attention when out with you friends, white is the statement piece you want. Obviously, you have to look out for potential stains and make sure you pay attention to care protocols.