The designer had vibrant cartoon-like details on luxe fabrics presented in classic and trendy styles on the runway. The models who came all out as 'works of art' modeled the pieces to perfection.

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Disney's fantasia and mirrored characters were cast intricately on power puff sleeves, print skirts, print mixes on dresses, fur in the collection that were dreamy, vibrant, playful yet classic grown-up.

Already a collection raved by Cosmo as "a straight up fantasy in luxe fabrics" Katrantzou sets another yet another record with colourful 'fantasy inspiration', an end result which is statement making, bold almost in your face type of look.

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The very edgy and different pieces are currently amongst the raved collection of the season and with the daring inspiration, the collection would be around for a while.

Would you own a cartoon inspired piece if you could?

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