Year 2013 recorded huge fashion trends; almost like every where you turn to there seem to be a party but non; it's just people dressing up; to go watch movies, for date nights and even a trip to the mall or just running errands!

Fashion, this year was huge (with a capital H). There were trends we  absolutely rocked and loved; there were trends we didn't predict or see coming that hit us all like lightening and many more.

In all 2013 was a great fashion year. There are trends which stood out for us:

1) Denim

Denim was huge this year. The trend danced between the slim trouser look, the high waisted. the boyfriend jeans, acid wash trend, the denim on denim look and so on. One thing though is we love this trend and though it looks like it isn't going away anytime soon, we can't get enough of it!

2) Turban

The Turban was a huge trend this year (still is). It cam e in all sorts of design, the thrill was the fact that the turban trend went with almost any look. It rocked (still rocks

3) Crop Top

The crop top caused quite a stir this year, it was hot. The look came in top and bottom or alone. It was rocked with the boyfriend jeans, pencil skirt and so on. The look was especially rocked by people with flat/toned mid rib.

4) Dungaree

The dungaree was huge this season. It found its way back into the fashion scene; it was styled in many ways. It became a wardrobe staple. It should be around hopefully in the next season.

5) (Aztec) Prints

Print was also a huge trend this season. We saw a lot of daring styling with prints.

6) The Single strap Stiletto

The single strap stiletto found its way into the fashion trend this season. It was embraced because it works with virtually any kind of outfit. It was the little cute thing this season!

7) Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is a trend on its own. This look was everywhere this season and it was fabulous. Contrary to popular styling trend, this look absolutely worked this season.


Tartan was huge this season. It came in sorts; skater dresses, midi skirts, pencil skirts, peg legs and so on. It was a good look.

9) Metal Plate Waist belt

No get-up was complete this season without the metal belt. Apart from the fact that it cinches the waist; it stood out as an accessory; it was hot; still is.

10) Collar Neckpiece

The collar neck piece did well this season as well.

11) The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit was huge this season, there were playsuits with lace details, cut- outs, cross backs and many more. There were just so much variety to choose from.

12) Monochrome

Monochrome was equally hot this season.

13) Skater dress

Skater dresses were equally hot this season.