Wearing three dapper made-to-fit suits by Mai Atafo, he talks about Big Brother Africa 2006, the current state of Nigeria and his feelings towards Christmas.

 Ebuka on the cover of Acceerate TV's 'The Cover'
Ebuka on the cover of Acceerate TV's 'The Cover'
 Ebua is handsome in all-black
Ebua is handsome in all-black
 Ebuka looks dapper in a gold embroided blazer
Ebuka looks dapper in a gold embroided blazer

Read excerpts below:

Why do you hate Christmas?

I don’t hate Christmas, but I think it’s just… I don’t want to use the word commercialized, because the world we live in is commercialized… but it’s too much. It is a two-day holiday- Christmas and Boxing Day- but it goes on for about a month and a half, where there is just too much happening. And you know, I am an Igbo man, so sometimes I feel like I spend too much in December and don’t make enough. Like, the debit alerts are coming in with cruel intentions.

What is your favourite Holiday?

Do I have a favourite holiday? I don’t have a favourite holiday. I just like any day when I am not working, and there’s a lot to eat, and I don’ feel guilty eating it. Oh yeah, and family. Christmas just needs to be shorter- a week is fine.

Any advice for Nigerian youths?

Think less of today. There is a lot of that happening. And I am talking in regards to how you look at politics, governance, your career, your life, relationships. Nigerians tend to be very ‘now’ about everything. This girl is hot now. How much is he making now? This government now is not…

We need to think more about medium-term goals. So, I want to vote in this guy that may not deliver today, but will give me what I want in four years, am I willing to wait? We don’t tend to think long-term enough, and I feel that is one of the reasons we are where we are.

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