Tamerri is an epic three day, interactive festival aimed at displaying the various art forms that Nigeria has to offer, which covers dance, music, poetry, art and so much more. Tamerri was born of the desire to create an alternate reality and provoke thought beyond divisive labels and understandings of identity and ways of thinking.

The Tamerri Experience is one that has been crafted to give every participant and spectator a feeling of connectedness with the things they see, feel and touch, and the people they interact with. To achieve this, the team creates has created a series of events and activities beautifully crafted for an immersive experience.

The day’s events and activities are capped with flamboyant cultural dances and an African themed fashion show from respected designers well-grounded in their African roots and traditions. If all that wears you out before the day is done, we also have a wellness spa to help you relax between activities!

In anticipation of the future sights and sounds that will be at Tamerri, They are hosting a Musicoetry Session this coming April in Abuja that will feature an intimate line up of musical guests and poets.

More details to come soon. Stay Rooted!